Wednesday, March 4


I don't like blogs that aren't posted on regularly, so here I am posting.

A quick update until things get going again. We have been doing the basics, which for us is bookwork that is scheduled and the girls are free to choose what to do with the rest of their time. This is how we have always done school with me injecting the extras when I could in the past. So I guess it is our default setting. I have been lacking energy and have been wrung out by all the normal things we do to run a house, cooking, cleaning and shopping. I'm glad our weather has changed so the heat isn't sapping me anymore.

We've had a visitor in our house for the past little bit - Flat Abigail. Unfortunately we have only taken her to the park. I was planning on going out to some of the landmarks around town and taking some photos with her to send off to the Canadian girl's teacher. If you are interested in hosting her next please comment.

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