Friday, September 25

I'm Back!

I'm sorry it's been sooo long since I've posted but I couldn't get in to blogger. I now have reset passwords and email accounts and all sorts of things and can now post again. I was dissappointed when I couldn't get in because this blog is my first attempt of only blogging on our homeschooling journey.

Well we are on holidays - it's the end of Term 3. We started holidays early because we were doing some testing for a new curriculum we want to use. It was quite an intense 2 weeks and the girls were exhausted by the end of it. They haven't done testing before either. So instead of the normal 2 weeks of holidays we have an extra week.

We have been progressing since I last posted. Some of the things we've done are: painting, crochet, reading, gardening, netball, athletics, computer design, core subjects and living!

One of the things we've done as a family is set up a Wheat experiment in the backyard. We live in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia so we decided to get some grain from a farmer friend. Hubby and the girls planted out two 2m x 2m squares of wheat. One plot was to be watered the other left to grow alone (as it happens on farms). We weeded the watered patch (by hand, no spraying) but left the other. I will post photos as I can.

I will be back on more, now that I can log in!