Thursday, February 19

Chug Chug Chug

We're chugging along here. I'm so proud of the girls. Even though we've started later most days of this week and last, they've just started when I've said it's time. I have been very tired and it turns out I have a bad tooth (THAT explains it!). So I've taken it easy and not done as much unit work (more hands on for me) this week. The girls have been very artsy though. Olivia is into photography (mainly her cat) and has been making picture frames (a kit that her Grandma gave her for Christmas). Natasha loves to quill. Quilling is a craft involving thin strips of paper which is curled up and stuck onto paper or to each other to create amazing things. So far she's made a frog a dog, a snowflake and something else that I can't remember! So that's my very quick wrap up of the time since I last blogged. I'll be off to Perth in the next little while and so the girls will be home with their homeschooling Dad! Dave's just started his degree and will be a good example for them to see what uni is like!


appleleaf said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth. Dental problems are a hassle. Girls are creative little souls, aren't they? Have a great time in Perth.

Therese said...

Hi Larissa,

I'm a Mum to 3 primary aged girls and have started giving serious thought to home schooling. I don't know when but it's all in the Lord's hands. Anyway I just wanted to tell you how encouraging your posts have been and I look forward to sharing your home schooling adventure as the year progresses.

In Christ

Larissa said...

Dental problems ARE a hassle, but I'm thankful for the dental system we have in Australia and that it's so accessable. I did have a good time shopping for the girls winter clothes.

Thank you for commenting. I hope that my little blog gives you a glimpse of what it's like to homeschool for us. I pray that God leads you to when it's time to start.
God Bless