Friday, March 12

Long Time, No See!

After much too-ing and fro-ing I got this account up and working again! A LOT has changed since I last posted here. We are using book from Australian Homeschooling Supplies and are VERY happy with this choice. It has taken so much pressure off of me to come up with plans and content. I'm not worried about anything I may have missed and am completely confident that this books can take them through high school.

The girls have been doing Little Athletics this season for Phys Ed and have loved it. Both are athletic types and can run around an oval without collapsing in a heap (unlike their mother). There are three programs they cycled through and they did all events. Toward the end of the season they have developed definate favourite events. They both enjoy and are good at high jump, 100m sprint, 200m and 400m. The least enjoyed would have to be the walk.

This summer has been a hot one and we are still headed for some heat today - 37.c after an overdue break. We had down to mid 20s last week after being mainly over 35.c since Christmas. I'm glad we have effective airconditioning or I would have been down the library or shops a lot! It kind of feels like I'm coming out of hibernation after so much extreme heat. I enjoyed the snowscapes of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I even looked online at their weather and entertained thoughts of moving there!!! (yer right).

Term 1 is winding down, only 3 weeks until Easter break. I'll be ordering some more books before then as the girls are powering through the work they have. We started them at a lower level to cover missed lessons and make sure they understood some basics in the series. It has been much more work but they are loving it. Here I am full circle back to the books, so I'll leave you there.

'til next time!

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Dave Quinn said...

Hi Larissa, I am glad you have got this blog going again. I enjoy reading about our journey in this way. You record it so well. Dave